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National Miss Florida 2013: Real Beauty And Body Tips

It’s one thing to be inspired by other girls and their success stories…but it’s another thing to become unhappy and dissatisfied with your own body, based on what other girls look like.

As young women, we deal with this “comparison pressure” on a daily basis. Sadly, as you move forward into adulthood, you realize some women are still comparing themselves to others. It is completely your responsibility to learn to love yourself and respect your body.

Ever wonder how the girls we see in the beauty pageants on television muster up the strength and confidence to walk in front of a panel of judges in all different types of attire, including their bathing suits? Well, I did…so I got the scoop from Lorenza Navarro, National Miss Florida 2013. I even squeezed some diet and exercise tips out of her!

How do you deal with the pressure of being compared to other pageant contestants?

“Personally, I do not like to think that I am being compared to the other girls. In order to do my best, I try to only compare myself in terms of my own personal goals. I believe that every body shape and size is beautiful, and I choose to think that the judges will agree.

“There will always be a girl with rock hard abs and less body fat than me, but if I walk onto that stage just as confident and proud of my body as she does, I know I can shine just as bright.”

“I have curves and I always will, but I am proud of my health. I set realistic goals for myself, and I never felt better after reaching them. I can walk onto stage and look each judge in the eye because I am confident.”

How do you incorporate exercise into your life?

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“I try to find time to exercise at least three times a week. Whether it is just a 20 minute jog, or an intense INSANITY DVD , I always feel good about myself after.”

Are you conscious of what you eat? What are your favorite foods to eat?

You’ve found my weak spot! As a picky eater, it is sometimes hard for me to eat as healthy as I’d like to. I was also raised in an Italian household, so there’s no way I’m giving up pasta and bread. However, I do recognize the importance of a nutritional diet, so I always try to be aware of my meals.”

“I definitely don’t believe in depriving myself of goodies, but I have learned to indulge in moderation.”

Are there any health-related rituals you find yourself practicing prior to a pageant?

“Before competing in my first pageant, I purchased the INSANITY DVDs. I was committed to the routine and looked forward to the soreness the next day. I have never felt so healthy and proud of work-out results! I learned the importance of stretching and great techniques to work each muscle in my body.”

What do you find yourself eating hours before a pageant?

“Pageant days are so hectic! With last minute rehearsals and hair and makeup appointments, it can be easy to forget the importance of food. My recommendation is to keep granola bars and fruit handy to get some nutrition. I’m a fan of Chewy bars on-the-go, and a bag of grapes to snack on!”

What are some of your other favorite go-to snacks?

“I love strawberries. They are such a perfect snack in between meals and you can always treat yourself by adding a sprinkle of sugar, or a slight dipping of chocolate.”

What advice do you have for young girls who want to life a healthier lifestyle?

“My best advice is just that- to have a HEALTHIER lifestyle. Don’t stress about being thin and losing weight. Try to exercise for 20 minutes every day. Don’t deprive yourself of foods you love, but recognize the importance of moderation. Don’t compare yourself to others. Don’t step on a scale every morning! Health is the most important goal.”

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Natasha Smith Photography

Any advice for girls who want to lose weight (the unhealthy way) to look like super-skinny models they see in magazines?

“Believe me, I get it. There was a time in my life that I felt the same way. Sometimes, it’s hard not to. Then, I realized if I kept comparing myself to others, I would never be happy. I recognized that there will always be different body types, and that each one is truly beautiful.

“I have curves and I always will, but I am proud of my health. I set realistic goals for myself, and I never felt better after reaching them. I can walk onto stage and look each judge in the eye because I am confident.”

It’s my hope that all girls come to this realization. Eating disorders are so very dangerous. It is so much better to be healthy and happy, and recognize you are the best YOU, and amazing just as is.”

National Miss Florida 2013, we love you. Wish Lorenza luck as she is competing for the National Miss 2013 title in Williamsburg, Va. this weekend, on Sunday Aug. 11th!

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